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820-3332 Fails on ID0R only on battery

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  • 820-3332 Fails on ID0R only on battery

    Been a while since i needed help, but here's one that's been bugging me for a couple of days.

    820-3332 that had some damage due to probably a knockoff charger, had to replace R6920,R6905,D6905 and basically carpetreplaced a lot of things around U6990.
    Got it back to life, works perfectly, only to notice in final testing that the fan would occasionally run high out of the blue (when machine is just sitting idling).

    Ran ASD, and noticed that when i run the sensor-tests while connected to AC (Genuine 85W Magsafe 2), all sensors pass, however, running the same tests off of the battery, the ID0R sensor fails.
    It's reading 4,080A with charger connected, and reading 0.000A when only on battery (it should read between 0.65 and 4.671A according to hardwareprofile in ASD)

    I've searched here and found a couple things i've already tried so far:
    Replaced R5441 and C5441 together,
    Checked continuity from R5441 pin 1 to U7000 pin 9: checks out.
    R5441 pin 1 reads 0,45V
    Checked currentsensing by the ISL and for the heck of it replaced the ISL twice.
    R7021/22 check out and their traces to both R7020 and ISL appear fine.

    Just finished replacing the SMC as a final check before asking here.. No difference.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • #2
    ID0R is not relevant on battery only.
    CHGR_AMON signal is about the current flowing from charger to the machine.
    Obviously null in this case...


    • #3
      FFS.. makes sense.
      so basically the EFI ASD is trolling me by giving this false error..? I’ve never seen the error pop up in other machines though.
      going to try and see what’s causing this thing to have an occasional high fan spin then. Fck me, I’ve been going over this for so long thinking that this is what’s causing the fans to ramp up..


      • #4
        Run HWMonitor and see which sensor is high when the fans kick on. Probably the CPU or GPU which is normal it's a MacBook they are supposed to heat up


        • #5
          Check if fan spins high only when GPU is enabled.
          HWMonitor should help you.
          BTW, 129 degrees indication on GPU is normal, when Intel graphics is used.


          • #6
            Alright thanks a lot both of you, will check tomorrow and report back here!


            • #7
              Had it run for a couple of hours after reassembly today, and it hasnt done the sudden loud fan-spin anymore..
              Passes ASD (besides the one error), runs pretty hot according to HWMonitor, under stress the CPU and GPU go up to about 106C, jesus, but ok, I'm calling this a fix and moving on to the next one!

              Thanks both of you guys!


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