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    820-3302 Not turning ON

    I mean 5V from USB
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    820-3302 Not turning ON

    On these usually shorted USB, check that first.....
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    820-00165 sometimes won't turn on PPBUS not ok

    Resistance between pins 17-18 and 27-28 from ISL6259???
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    820-00928 slow to post and booting to Critical Software Update screen

    Hello, did you find solution for this??? Have one with exactly the same issue....
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    iMac 21,5" late 2012 (EMC 2544) video issue

    that is the 12V for LCD, this could be a bad L9100 if you are lucky, replace the cable of course...
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    820-4924-A Not recognizing battery

    This is with battery only???
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    820-00165 green/orange light sometimes. no fan spin

    Check if there is a short on F7140, also seems that U7100 is dead...
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    820-2936 screen changing colors

    do you have question folder on external??? Voltages on J9000 pins 2 and 4??
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    820-00431-a imac 21 late 2014

    Usually the short is on USB section, seems no schematic available, also here is not the place to ask for such material (schematic and boardview), use google.....
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    820-00165 DEAD with Green Light

    I told you!! lol.........
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    820-00165 DEAD with Green Light

    what is the resistance between pin 2 of F7140 and ground??? How much voltaje and amps are you injecting????