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  • Hi Leonattpcs,

    I've decided to write to you as I think you have the same problem what me,or I'm in wrong...
    I also live in UK (Essex) and so far I've done some research just on web about microsoldering and motherboards repair schools.
    i found one or two in London but I don't think they are good enough.
    Anyway I'm learning from internet and I'm self educated mainly from Louis,Jessa (Ipadrehab) and Ifixit.tv videos.
    Do you have a shop,experience with motherboard repairs?
    Maybe you know a course or something,where I could improve my skills? because I would like to go further and faster learn everything about iPhones and Macbooks.
    I would like to change my job in future and finally do what I like,and this field is what I'm looking for.
    What is your experience in this industry if I can ask you?

    Best regards
    HI, as far as I know there aren't any schools. All the skills and the knowledge I have I have taught myself. Everything I do is on YouTube. We mainly do iPhone/iPod/iPad, but I am getting into mac repairs as well, especially macbook air and pro by just putting my experience into them.
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