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    A good lesson in flux

    Ruby Fluid. It's a liquid flux that's VERY acidic. NOT for electronics use!! - because it's so corrosive / active. But what if you neutralize + clean it all off completely when done soldering? Why bother? I have at most in my shop - a Hakko FM-203 with FM-2027 and the usual assortment of...
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    Source for magsafe tips?

    Beetstech has MagSafe 1 and 2 power adapters used, Apple, excellent condition. Yesterday I got my magsafe 1 85W adapter from them for $36.40. Free shipping because I qualified for their "ProTech member" status just for applying for it, I called them and quickly they answered and set it for me so...
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    Macbook Air bad screen - or...??

    Thanks for that response! I meant those were the only voltages present on connector aside from backlight. I hope this helps others.
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    820-3437 PPBUS_G3H @ 2.2v

    U7100 would be my focus. Check V In @ pin 2 of Q7130. Now check chgr_ugate and chgr_lgate voltages. Chgr_lgate should be 0.00x mV at most...while chgr_ugate should be same as ppbus_g3H is expected to be. These are really pulsed DC averaged readings for the gates of the dual FET. Pull and read...
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    Cleaning boards after working on them advice please

    CLR+ light scrubbing. Dishwasher! Straight Methanol removes water perfectly. I own a great ultrasonic cleaner. I use it sparingly. Selectively. MEK is a great solvent!! HELLO! If the State of California bans it: it works and you need it. Cyanide vapors, Freon vapors..Carbon...
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    Macbook Air bad screen - or...??

    This is replacement screen on A1466 macbook Air 820-00165-A. Half the screen image is dim. Did I get a bad screen? O'scope image is of LED_RETURN_1-6. Of all remaining pins - only I2C_TCON_SCL_R = 3.3 VDC. backlight is 24.66 VDC.
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    Parts ordering headaches

    removed post about vendor - issue resolved.
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    I purchased the data backup tool for when the board is not repairable I need help!

    You refer to the Apple 620-00658 Data Transfer Device. The port on the board is called the lifeboat adapter. It came with a purdy little USB-C type cable and a purdy power supply. Don't lose them. Remember to hook everything up correctly. ALL this kit is: is a memory controller like you find on...
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    How much to charge as a flat rate

    I have a signed copy of this man's book on Flat Rate pricing. He trained me well for many years of success in the Milwaukee area residential plumbing repair market space. Read this article. Above and beyond what...
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    Need Help w/ Samsung Parts(capacitor) look up

    For future reference: It is unlikely that a good educated guess at capacitor replacement value will lead to trouble! All that matters is that a capacitor usually has one of two possible common roles. RARE in our smartphones and such is role #1: part of a time-based tank circuit, RC network...