20V / 0-5mA | 820-00850 (A1989)


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Looks like board tries to start and restart because T2 detects a problem; possibly short on a secondary voltage.
All USB-C ports have the same behavior?
All 4 ports same behavior.
I noticed that PP5V_G3S isnt stable.
Note: I tried already T2 restore/review no success always ends with an error.


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If USB-C meter restarts, means no stable PPBUS_G3H; no way to complete DFU.

Check for short on all big coils; including "small" ones for SSD.
Values = diode mode
L7220 = 0.004-5
L7210 = 0.004-5
L7410 = 0.004-5
L7420 = 0.004-5
L7430 = 0.004-5
L7270 = 0.022
L8102 = 0.120
L7702 = 0.110
L8100 = 0.200
LB700 = 0.495
L7600 = 0.390
L7660 = 0.410
L7030 = 0.495
L8410 = 0.850
L3500 = 0.380

L7220, L7210, L7410, L7420, L7430 .. I assume they are low because they are on the CPU side, right?


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All values look good.

"including "small" ones for SSD"

If no short on coils, check if any pulses at least.
Also check for short/pulse at output voltages from page 78.
Sry for my late reply ....

L9080 = 0.373
L9020 = 0.333

PPBUS_G3H = 12.28V when USB-C output is 5V / 0.16A
PPBUS_G3H = 1.2V when USB-C output changes to 19.4V / 0.05A

Bad ISL?


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PPBUS_G3H drops when swithces from 5V to 20V points to problems with some secondary supply.
Is also possible that one I/V SMC sensor is triggered and SMC cycles power.
Can you turn it on in SMC bypass mode?
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