810-01814-A 2019 15" Touch Bar Liquid Damage

Customer brought in a 2019 15" MacBook Pro Touch bar with some coffee damage. Makes charger ding when plugged in but shows nothing on internal or external screen. Upon further inspection it looks to not be making it to an s0 state as cpu and gpu are ice cold and has no vcore. I know i have at least ppbus_g3h and pp5v_S5 Only signs of liquid on the board on on the right side near touch bar connector. This is the first T2 board i've worked on.


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Post exact PPBUS_G3H voltage.
Try to start in SMC bypass mode.
Dou you get 3V3_SUS?
Also check if PM_SLP_S4/3_L pulse at least.

This could be hopeless project, as no chematic, nor boardview available...
12.61v on ppbus_G2H. I dont have 3v3_sus, no luck with smc bypass. and have no good place to check for pm_slp_s4_l that matches 820-00281 boardview. On USB Amp meter it will take 20v and .3amps for a few seconds then drop to 20v at 0amp.


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Probably liquid affected more areas, as I already saw close to one CD3215 chip.
Put good flux and heat BGA chips, starting with PMIC.