820-00045 brain dead


Two of these arrived that had the exact same issue. No liquid damage but brain dead with 1.7V on PPVCC_S0_CPU

After measuring for PP3V3R3V0_AON on C4650 getting 3.2V both machines suddenly now boot up normally with 1.5V on PPVCC_S0_CPU

Should U4700 still be replaced even though they are working now after just measuring the power rail?

First time I have run into this particular situation.


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Still runing if you flex the board a bit?
Be aware of this model, will end with dead CPu and/or no SSD recognized.


Yes has been running fine for a few hours now since simply measuring for PP3V3R3V0_AON. Yes I know they are famous for dead CPUs but that still does not answer my question about returning it to customer with original U4700 or replace it even though its working now after only measuring it?

Trying to understand why/how only measuring PP3V3R3V0_AON with the multi meter brought both machines back to life

Yes still running fine if board is flexed a bit