Tim Cook

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Have a liquid damaged 15" Retina. I'm going off the Schematic and BV for an 820-3662 which isn't exactly the same, seems like schematic isn't available yet.

I have magsafe lights but wont power on. I can feel U7330 getting hot, will order in and replace, culprit of my PPBUS_G3H??

PPBUS_G3H - 0.6V
PP3V42_G3H - 3.38V
PP3V3_S5 - 1.13V
PPDCIN_G3H - 20.5V

PIN 1/3 - 0.643V
PIN 4 - 0.83V (CHGR_UGATE)
PIN 5 - 19.88V

PIN 1/3 - GND
PIN 4 - 5.07V (CHGR_LGATE)
PIN 5 - 0.648V


U7330 probably shorted, this will also send PPBUS straight to the CPU. U7200 needs to be replaced too and the CPU may also be fried.


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I have never seen one of these cases where U7330/U7320/U7310 being shorted didn't kill the CPU. It is sadly the common failure mode on this model since it is right along the edge, and whatever is along the edge always gets fucked... and here the failure mode is killing a CPU that is worth as much as the board :(

Tim Cook

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Thanks guys, sounds like mission impossible. I guess I will replace U7200 and U7330 and then see where its at.

Do you think Apple have a Department of Liquid Damage who have the task of building boards that can maximize the damage caused by liquid intrusion :mad: