820-00138 no display (LCD not detected)


Hi there,

currently I'm struggeling with a MBP 2015 15" (820-00138). It had some corrosion in the are arround the LVDS connector (on both sides of the MLB).
Now the USB port is not working and there is no internal display. Works fine with external display so far.
PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD goes high for some seconds when booting but drops to 0V then.
LCD_CONN_HP does not go high. Display assembly works fine with other MLB.
Already replaced the LVDS connector but it didn't changed anything.

Would be happy if someone has an idea where the issue is?

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Probably corroded traces, or bad solders.
LCD_HPD must go high (at same time with PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD), or PCH doesn't detect the display.
Be sure R8300 is good.


R8300 is good, checked the traces - they seem to be fine too.
Just tied a Screen for a late 2013 MBP - I know that it is not compatible but here I get an Image (without backlight) and stable 2.8V on LCD_HPD.
Tried another Known working screen for 2015 MBP but same issue here with missing LCD_HPD.


I will replace and check J8300 again. The screen should be fine - it's the original one since I'm pretty sure the MBP was never opened before