820-00165-A water damaged


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Hi , i have this motherboard there was corrosion on c5008-c5007-c5002 i replaced them from a donor board and get 3.4v again , trouble is when i plug the power in i get no screen no chime but i get fan spin, it draws 0.4 amps for 20 sec then shuts off then starts backup and goes from 0.4 up to 0.7 then shuts off for good. the cpu gets warm . hope this discription is ok there was only a small amount of liquid and didnt reach the smc from what i can see, please help.


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Thanks for the reply , i have reballed the smc i didn't see any damage or corrosion but i now get 0.60 amps for 10 seconds and it powers off .


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Check all SPI Bus Series Termination resistors and their traces.
Clean/remove J6100.
Try known good BIOS.