820-00165-a won't start ----- keyboard


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820-00165-a -- no power
Found out laptop powers On with keyboard detached (with picture on screen). With keyboard pluged in ? won?t start(i.e. no fan spin).

(These are things I?ve checked, mentioned in other threads)
U4810 has no corrosion and pin 8 outputs 3.3V
PP5V_S4RS3 is present

Bad keyboard? Anything else I can check before order replacement keyboard?

Side question: is this keyboard the same as 2015 macbook pro, where I need to buy screws to secure keyboard in place?


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Try new keyboard inspect trackpad also for corrosion. The Pro keyboard is different the Air keyboard is compatible for 2010-2017 models


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2informaticos - when keyboard is connected 3.42V (same when disconnected)

JohnB8812 - damn? missed checking trackpad. As can be seen on the pictures ? there is some corrosion. Cleaned it up with alcohol and Qtip ? now macbook starts and seems to be working. At this moment don't have password to log in and test macbook, but it might be fixed. Thank you both for your assistance. Btw, how much such repair would cost? How much does your shops charge? Luckily repair was simple, but still... customer would never figure out the problem and, if not repair shop, would most likely buy new computer.



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I had an A1466 in the other day that was apparently needing a replacement main board (according to another repair shop) they wanted to replace the board for ?450.. It came to me for a second opinion and turned out to be a ?5 trackpad ribbon. They were charged ?49 ($65 USD) in total by myself.

The liquid always likes to get into the top of the trackpad and run into the ribbon connector.