820-00165 macbook air battery issue

820-00165 macbook air battery issue, problem is laptop will power on from the keyboard when the mains is plugged in but not when its on battery only, i dont mean the laptop turns on when the mains is connected i mean it turns on via the keyboard when mains connected but not when just on battery , the laptop sees the battery , charges the battery and even runs from the battery if started from the mains supply, im a bit confused and any help would be thankfull


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Try battery alone disconnecting LIO flex.
Do you get 3V42 without charger connected?
PM_PWRBTN_L reacts when trigger SMC_ONOFF_L?
First be sure SMC_ONOFF_L has 3V; all tests no charger...
cant see any corrosion anywhere on this board but reflowed the smc just incase, tried without lio flex connected, i do get 3v42 without charger connected, get 3.3v at SMC_ONOFF_L and PM_PWRBTN_L does get a slight milliamp draw when i short SMC_ONOFF_L, could it be the smc is faulty somehow ???, would it be worth changing it or would it be a waste of time ???
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