820-00165 not running only with battery


hi, I just got this device with liquid damage.

was running, fan full speed and no akku to see, I cleaned it and replaced the smc
after that fan was good and akku to see, communication working but still 8,22V PPBUS_G3H
now still replaced U7100 and PPBUS_G3H has now 8.55V, so i2c communication should working now.

the device take mor than 1.5A now i cant measure because tha battery is full already from all the trying

no idea , the akku is good but if no dcin cable pluged in it turns off. need some help please
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on Q7155 I have
only battery connected
1,2,3) 8,3V
4) 1.5V
5) 8.3V

DC in and akku connected

1,2,3) 8.55V
4) 8.55V
5) 8.3V

the same I could measure with a good board, that is working fine with the same akku in standalone


:) Ah ok, yes thats it. Thanks, the Resistor looks so good but infinity resistance, replaced and work like it should be
nice weekend to all