820-00165 - Not turning on


I 820-00615 not turning on

PPBUS_G3H = 8.58
PP5V_S5 = 5.04v
PP5V_S4 and S0 both turn on and after some seconds turn OFF

FAN SPIN start normally and after some seconds it stop but its not QUARTERLY FAN SPIN.

I already reballed the SMC and it had a lot of gray pads

HISTORY: Customer had a question mark folder and brought to another store which seems that the REFLOWED the RAM. The rest of the board looks normal.

However I think the QUESTION MARK folder was related to the SMC itself


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This can be a nightmare, like many boards sent out without solution from other shops.
They damaged something for sure.
Check for knocked off components first.
Try changing RAM chips.


Yeah I know it could be a nightmare but to be honest I didnt notice nothing that was tooked OFF.. I will take a look carefully again

Sure they damage something... but the RAMS look normal to be honest like a little reflow.. Would you try to remove and reball the RAM? Dont think the REFLOW damage the RAM


I reflowed the RAMS and the machine turned on until user screen... I left it on for a minute and it turned off now it doesn have FAN SPIN and when I press power the fan doesnt start to spin and turn off anymore

It only does the previous behavior if I do a SMC reset.

I guess I should remove all RAMS... REBALL and solder again. Would you agree with me?


I do not have donor board of this model =(

But look like they did a terrible reflow job like 200C and didnt not damage but make some bad connections that's what I guess.. I will do the reball and get back to you