820-00165 power on issues


Arrived with liquid damage around SMC area. Replaced everything and reballed SMC. Now turns on and boots into OS no problem but once turned off with battery connected it will not turn back on unless battery is unplugged. Charges and recognizes battery fine.

On just the charger if you force power off with keyboard power button the board automatically turns back on within a few seconds. U5110 replaced with no change. R5100 measures good. Tested using known good keyboard.

What to check next?


Staff member
On charger only, if turn it off from OSX, what happens?
Did you try another TP/KB?

Check what happens disconnecting trackpad flex.
Fan will go high and machine gets slow, but only see if power on issue persists.


On charger only if turned off from OSX it will stay off, however it will not turn back on from power button on keyboard.

Yes tried known good working TP/KB

Disconnecting trackpad flex did not make a difference