820-00165 rip


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Client came in with a 820-00165 acting up, keyboard only types in caps and other random stuff. So suspected liquid damage. Saw some corrosion on the board and coffee on the keyboard. Boards was working, changed some bad IC, ofcourse after I did, it stopped :p. Now fan spins, stops, starts to spin again and at some point spin very fast. No display (no backlight no 3.3v). I have all voltages including RAM and CPU, mouse flashes and have 32 clock for CPU. Here some images of the liquid damage and IC I replaced. I also replaced U3710 (some corrosion there) and U6101, can these IC cause this issue? Not sure my donor boards are OK.

Near Q1840:


C5008 & U3710:
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Be sure U6101 is Ok and has good solders and traces.
You can also rip off J6100.
Re-check all the job did until now.
Reball SMC and heat CPU with good flux, to burn eventually crap accumulated.


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I will also suggest you thoroughly observe the traces, if the machine was working and stopped after your replacement, it could most likely be an issue with traces that was barely hanging on before the chips replacement. be sure all of the chip are properly soldered, and output okay , also make sure you get 3.3v on pin 8 of U6101, since the corrosion was more on that section.