820-00239 5V 0.12A


Got liquid damaged 820-00239 board, that takes only 5v and 0.12A, looks like someone already tried to work on this board, because found out that cap C6905 had hole on pin1 - PPVIN_G3H_P3V3G3H. Would you think connecting C6905 pin 1 to C6906 pin 1 would be ok in order to keep working on this board or hole already causing too many problems on this dataline?,
Checked D6902 pin 3 on resistance mode - only 043.2 Ω
U6903 pin 10 (PM_EN_P3V3_G3H) - 0.7V only.
U700 had flux under it so looks like someone tried to replace it already.



Staff member
You can test without C6905.
Vut nust correct the wring resistance to ground first.
Remove C6905/06.
If still low, then remove U6903 too.
If low value again, then you have problem inside board, between copper layers.