820-00239 cd32 spill


I replaced the cd32 and now get 20.5v 620ma no display or usb activity then it drops to 540ma. Cpu gets warm.
Im not familiar with these boards . Where to start?
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I'm not sure on this board, but other boards (00840/875) I saw VCORE changing values, 1.1V-0.9V-0.6V.

I don't have tested BIOS for this board yet...


I found one that supposedly tested 100% but now the unit draws 550ma then drops to 450ma with the same result ie no usb activity and no external or lcd output.

I dumped the original bios 2 times as I usually do and when I write it back now the unit only draws 120ma. I also noticed that l4901 was missing (From U4900 section) so I replaced it but still the same.


Possibly but it looks like it was broken off rather than desoldered. I have gone over the board with the microscope and I cannot see any other issues.

Here is the original dump if you could look over it if you get a chance and if you could clean the me region I would appreciate it