820-00244-a a1534 short on pp3v3_g3h

hello im working on this machine with full short on pp3v3_g3h
found the culprit on c6998. after i replaced c6998 i got pp3v3_g3h is present, now the device can able to switch on 20v.
but still not able to turn on. (can feel now taptic is clicking.)
i did some voltage testing everything is normal excepts on pp1v8_sus is missing did also diode testing is not shorted.
also tried replace u7800 from donor board (same board model number)
btw:measured also pp1v8_sus before i tooked u7800 from this donor board is present.

kinda no idea whats the next step.


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Do you get all voltages, even S3 and S0, but no 1V8_SUS?
That's really strange, it is enabled by PM_SLP_SUS_L.
Check R7900/02/04 and C7904.
sorry my mistake not all voltages are present
missing voltages:
PP1V8_S3 not shorted
PP1V5_S0 not shorted
ALL_SYS_PWRGD not shorted
machine is getting only 20v 0.17amp stuck here.
correct (ohm) value?
If yes, then change U7800.
R8020-23 ohm value is normal both are having 100k
as i mentioned to my previous post u7800 was replaced from working donor board already.
now itried to reball u7800 just to make sure i didnt put properly, but i still not getting 1v8_sus
i tried also reball and putback the original u7800 1v8_sus still zero volts.