820-00281-A Touchbar / A citical software update

820-00281A board came in with a liquid spill on keyboard over right side speaker mesh. No sign of corrosion or damage on board. Macbook powered on normally.
Replaced faulty right side speaker. On boot up it now forces you into "A critical software update is required.... Cant be used until installed" that fails.
Touch bar does not show sign of life

Tried new keyboard > same problem
Tried OS Reinstall > fails at activation with same error
Boots into safe mode


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I said known good, not new.
Was thinking you know about chinese quality.

The critical update error can be caused by other devices, not just by touchbar.
Did you follow all the steps mentioned in Dukefawks post???

Sometime touchbar works, even has no backlight.
If no backlight, nor reaction, check basic voltage/signals on both J4401/02 connectors.

If board boots in safe mode, doesn't load all drivers.


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Thanks for feedback.
I gather all the info about solving this error.
All members should do the same...