820-00426-A (SLG3NB148CV U1900) is getting hot!

I isolated pin 1 output and this resolved the over heating. However resistance on that rail is in the meg ohm range. I tried injecting 2.5v on it and nothing.
I also tried to replace this chip. Voltage on this rail is 1.3v when powered on so obviously it is being pulled down. My injection voltage was 2.5v and it was not pulled down at all. My bench supply I use for short finding is screwed up and the LCD display for voltage does not work. So I have to use a volt meter to set it and I didn't want to switch it to 3.3v or I would of tried it.

I am thinking that the U1100 is toast and that I just did not turn it on because my injection voltage was too low.


PS Where can I get a schematic for this thing! I have been using 820-3787 drawings.
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If no low resistance to ground, injecting voltage will not help usually.
Did you try to change U1900?

No schematic/boardview available, I use 00163 instead.