820-00430 only first led on


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hi, please helpme this motherboard when plug the power cable fisrt led its power on but
When I press the power button the second LED turns on for a second and goes out * audio codec was shorted and reheat I replace but no lucky any suggestion


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No schematic available.
I suppose 820-00034 could be close enough.

If LE0302 flashes, means ALL_SYS_PWRGD comes on in that moment.
Then all S3 and some S0 voltages should pulse too.
Maybe not the CPU ones.
Check for pulse at all big coils.

Do you get high pulse (20V aprox) at FET_EN_P12V_S0?
Also check if PP12V_S0_FET rises to 12V.

Be sure no short on any power rail; especially on page 63.


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when press power buttons volts appears for 1 second

FET_EN_P12V_S0 = 22V
PP12V_S0_FET= 12v

big coils

L7650 . 5V
L7120 . 1.8V
L7110 . 1.8V
L7310 . 1.2V
L6901 . 3.42V
L2920 . 1,02V

U8400 pads 10 and 12 when press power buttons show 5,1v

have schematics voltages


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What about L7350, L7410, U7490?
U8400 outputs are 8 & 13.

Check for short on audio power rails.
You can try new BIOS, just in case.


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L7350 . 1,8v
L7410 . 1,05v
U7490 all pads same as schematic
u8400 outputs 3.3v

audio ic replace bacause shorted and reheat