820-00840-A no keyboard, no trackpad


This is an A1708 and somebody has stepped on the keyboard. The topcase is therefore bent downwards in the middle of the keyboard.
Luckily, it didn't seem to bend the logic board itself. I was able to unscrew it and it didn't pop out or anything like that.
I got a new topcase, but still don't have working keyboard and trackpad.
I have put the logic board into a good working A1708 and the same problem exists. So this is not an issue with the keyboard, trackpad, or trackpad cable.
The only button that works is the power button.
Pressing the caps lock key doesn't turn the green LED on.

This is my first time having this kind of issue so I'm not fully sure where to start.
I have checked the basics, and could confirm that all power rails on the trackpad keyboard were present.


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You should have a problem with trackpad connector.
Check all its solders and traces.
Post TPAD_SPI_IF_EN when logged in to macOS.


All solders on the trackpad connector are good. I pushed them all with tweezers.
TPAD_SPI_IF_EN gives me 3.3V (tested with trackpad disconnected as I have the board in the case right now, and so I couldn't test it with the trackpad plugged in)