820-00850 5v

please need help for mainboard 820-00850
i have 5V and 0.120mA
We have replaced the CD3215 on this mainboard same problem
On big coil no have short
Thanks for help


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Which CD3215 chips have been replaced?
ALl USB-C ports have the same behavior?

Do you get all expected LDOs on CD3215 chips?
i have replace all
yes with all usb-c have same
please, check picture for value usb-c
i have test this line :
pp1v8_upc_xb_ldoa : i have 1v8
pp1v8_upc_xb_ldod : i have 1v8
pp1v1_upc_xb_ldo_bm : i have 0V, no short on this line and 0.522 in diode mode


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1V1_LDO_BMC should appear only on the powered port.

Check diode mode on the suspicious lines directly on J3300 and JB500.
Compare the readings between all channels.