820-00850-A 20V Boost. No Power On


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History: Machine sustained severe liquid damage from a pet peeing on the machine. After opening it up, numerous signs of corrosion were noticed. The board was put through an ultrasonic cleaner and then checked again with just the board on the bench.

No obvious shorts on the board

PPBUS_G3H - Present - 12.28V
PP3V3_G3H - Present - 3.32V
PP3V3_S5 - Not Present - 14.4k Ohms (Resistance measured without adapter plugged in)

T2 Chip appears to be heating up a little before shutting off in a loop.
Attached is thermal imaging and Power Draw graphed out

Data is important for this one
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I was able to get the machine booting again at least for now.

However, with the board alone on the bench I was getting 20V. Now I'm stuck at 5V @ 0.4a. Additionally with the new battery connected I'm stuck at 5V @ 0.4-0.6a also but the machine is booting into the OS off the batteries charge.

When I boot into the OS. At the login screen it's asking for username AND password instead of just the password.
After I enter the username and password the system attempts to login in but the instantly shuts down after attempting to load.
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