820-00923: High fan spin


I have this logic board that originally came in with not powering from usb-c but from battery, and also not seeing SSD. Fixed the usb-c issue by replacing U3200/3100 and the ssd was due to R9350 being knocked off. But now I'm dealing with fan spin issue. I slowly ramps up to high fan spin. unfortunately i didn't power on the board before fixing the other issues, so not sure if the fan issue was there previous.

I also found R6051 knocked off (for smc fan 1 control), replaced.

Theres no sign of liquid damage or corrosion. I'm getting a 127 degree reading on HWMonitor app for Airport and Heatpipe Outgoing Air sensor. I've checked all 3 thermal sensors (q5871/2/3) under diode mode and they all read 0.64 at U5870 pins 6/7, 8/9, and 10/11.

Any suggestions?


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You may have other knocked off components; look near the screw hole areas first.

Trackpad is connected on the same bus, is suspect too.
R5860 along with a few other components were missing. But R5860 was the main issue as it goes to U5860 (thermal sensor C, air flow right).
Thanks again for the assist. This is now fixed.