820-00928 Critical update

Sr. Robot

Hi, got an 820-00928 that displays the following error message when setting up OS: "A critical software update is required for your Mac, but an error was encountered while installing this update. Your Mac can't be used until this update is installed". Then wont let me boot.

Things ive tried:

1. Safe mode: it does boot on safe mode. Update says machine is up to date.

2. TB and Fingerprint sensor disconnected: no change

3. Tried on a complete different chasis: no change

4. Tried clean OS reinstall from Catalina to Ventura: the only change is that on ventura it runs super slow.

5. SCM reset, NVRAM reset: no change

6. Tried different wifi networks, tried over ethernet cable: no change.

Sr. Robot

Yes, tried good touchbar. No history.

I installed Sonoma with OpenCore and the TB doesn't work (the touchbar itself is good).

PP1V8_S0SW_DFR, PP3V3_S0SW_DFR and PP5V_S0_T139 are all good


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Install proper/original macOS for this machine.
I saw many weird issues with patched installations; especially no camera!


This is a standard error when jumping between updates of the old and new systems. This is usually corrected by installing the original system (usually Sierra) via Internet recovery (command + r). then install all the updates that the system offers, ultimately it will update all transitional drivers for the transition to newer systems such as Monterey and higher to Sonoma! If this is not done, the system simply cannot recognize the devices because they have old firmware that is not supported by newer systems! (this is how I save myself from this and this is not a recommendation but advice))