board is booting up but has no backlight. tried with another screen (although i'm not sure if that was a known good) and still has no backlight. PPvout_s0_lcdbklt isn't short. would appreciate some help on this one.


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Get internal image, only missing baccklight?
Tested external video and USB activity?

Any history available?
not much history available, but board is clean. this has been in my box of boards to fix when have free time(most likely customer wanted a board replacement). Looks like C9081 was shorted, because it was removed to probably get data.

internal image working. external image is working. usb is working with external keyboard and mouse.

i saw some earlier posts that say to try and a dfu restore which i did along with a fresh install of sonoma and it still has no backlight.
getting 55v on ppvout_s0_lcdbklt
D8410 - looks to be good
A-K not shorted
is the enable line suppose to have a diode measurement? i'm getting OL on tp_lcdbklt_en_l...maybe this is the problem?
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