Have this board that's not powering up. I'm using the 820-01041 schematic also as it appears to be the same as this board, 820-01326. Anyway, i get PP20V and current pull when battery is connected, indicating battery charge and no current with battery removed. I'm still a bit rusty with these newer macbook's and the power sequence. Only thing i've found so far is
PP3V3_S5 at 0v
PP3V3_AWAKE - 3.3v.

Shouldn't PP3v3_S5 be at 3.3 as well since AWAKE is up? Any suggestions on what to check.


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As always when deal with T2 machine, should start with DFU mode.

If all SLPS2R and AWAKE voltages are present, the board should be detected in Apple Configurator 2.
You should check these voltages only if is not detected; save time this way.

Power on diagrams available for 01055 and 01598 boards; should be sufficient for other T2 boards diagnostic.
If don't find them on the forum, search logi.wiki webpage.
All SLPS2R and AWAKE voltages are present. I did try DFU mode revive and kept getting errors. When i first plugged in to my system, configurator 2 show that the MacBook pro was in recovery mode. error.jpg
looking a little close, found corrosion at U9000 and surround components, along with U9080 and surrounding components. Somehow i missed these. Let me clean these up and hopefully this is what's causing my issue.
After cleaning up the corrosion, i'm still not able to get past T2 error. Getting a different T2 error now (see picture). Checked the voltages from the chips affected by the corrosion, U9000 and U9080

PP2V5_NAND_SSD0 - 2.5
PP0V9_SSD0 - 0.98
PP1V8_SSD0 - 1.8