820-01521-A No Power

A1932 Macbook Air with water damage to the Audio board area.

Audio board was completely damaged therefore was replaced with a new one, macbook also had some water damage on the battery connector and nearby area but battery is fine and not shorts on capacitor C8469) or diode (D8410)

USB Meter shows 5.2V and 0.21Amps on PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS (Current drops zero and loops)
USB Meter shows 5.2V and 0.21Amps on PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS (Current drops zero and loops)

PP20V_USBC_XB_V = 5v
PP3V3_G3H_RTC = 3.2v
PPBUS_G3H = 12.31v

No Short on F3000 or F3010 or F7000

Q7065 Voltages
Source Pin 1,2,3 = 12.32v
Gate Pin 4 = 12.31v
Drain Pin 5,6,7,8 = 0.22v

Voltages at Fuse F7000 (On Charger going through Q7065)

Pin 1 = 0.22 (PPVBAT_G3H_CONN)
Pin 2 =0.22 (PPVBAT_G3H_CONN)

Voltages at Fuse F7000 (on Battery)
Pin 1 =1.31
Pin 2 =1.21

No short to ground on any coils
5VPWM = 0.01v
3VPWM = 3.24v
Up and Down inductor = 5.1

I assume PPBUS_G3H needs to be created first at a voltage of 12.6 - 1305 volts before the CD32 work? or do I have an issue with the U7000 ISL9240HI? Could the Audio Board water damaged caused damaged to the main board and if so what area (T2 Chip?)

Diode Mode to ground
Pin 32 = OL
Pin 33 = 0.99KOhms


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I don't understand why do you insist with F7000.
This board can start without battery, just with charger.
Is the first step to do; getting it turned on with charger alone.
In such case, fan will start with high speed, because of missing battery; just a secondary issue.

You should check the other T2 lines to ground; the ones corrsponding to J6100.
Personally I bet for dead T2.
Can you put the machine in DFU?
" I don't understand why do you insist with F7000. "
I am referencing F7000 because when the Charger is in (Without battery) I would measure at F7000 Pin 1 to see if it is getting the 12.69 voltage which it does not.

I will check DFU mode but won't this wipe the customers data ? Which other T2 Lines are to ground.

Please also not I am learning so please don't assume I know everything.


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Why do you expect F7000 voltage without battery???
F7000 is not placed on PPBUS_G3H, like other boards.
In my first post I did the same mistake, responding without checking the correct schematic.

DFU revive will not erase internal SSD.
If you have important information, do NOT choose restore option!
However, if T2 results to be dead, the SSD information is also lost.


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Did you exactly follow all the steps in the tutorial linked on the forum?
Check if all AWAKE and SLPS2R voltages are present.
I have done a DFU repair before on a Macbook so I am certain it is not working and I have done the correct steps. Will replacing the T2 Chip fix the laptop and does that mean the customer data would have to be wiped.

PPVDDCPU_AWAKE =0.75v (boot loops between 0 and 0.75v)
PPVDDCPUSRAM_AWAKE =0.8v (boot loops between 0 and 0.8v)
PP1V8_SLPS2R = (boot loops between 0 and 1.8v)
PP1V1_SLPS2R = 1.1v (Constant voltage)
PP0V8_SLPS2R = 0.8v (Constant voltage)
PP1V2_AWAKE = 1.2v (Constant voltage)
PP3V3_AWAKE =0.89v (Constant voltage)


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We already have few threads about this on the forum...

Gather information from the forum and save it.