820-01521 liquid damaged


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Hi, I have an Air with liquid damage around Type-C ports. CD3215 (5V 0A ) had a short on one of the 3.3v lines and one got a bit warm, after replacement shorts are gone. Also no short on any of the big coils. Now I get 5.15v 0.02A and then switching to 5.02v and 0.26A and staying there. PPBUS is 12.29V, should be 12.6? What should I check next?


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Note there was some corrosion on R3103, R3105 and R3109, i replaced them no shorts and resistance is correct, no change in charging


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Each CD3215 must get 1V1 LDO, only when the charger is connected to corresponding port.
The other 3 LDOs are always present.

BTW, LDOs are clearly visible inside chip pin notations!


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OK, I measured as follows with charger connected:

U3100 (charger connected)

C3108 = 3.28
C3106 = 1.81
C3105 = 1.8
C3104 = 1.11

U3200 (charger connected)

C3208 = 3.3
C3206 = 1.8
C3205 = 1.8
C3204 = 1.1

Seems all LDO lines are OK. I have 3.29 on both CD3215 PP3v3_G3H_RTC lines as well as 5v incoming. Would you suggest try other CD3215's or are there other voltages that need to be present to create 20v?


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The SLPS2R signals are there and so are the Awake: 1.1, 1.8, 3.3. I noticed the T2 chip getting hotter then the rest of the board by 5 degrees, is this normal or could it be T2 issues?