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I know which one you mean, the one connected in the J8500 to the LCD pcb.

I changed it and it's still the same.

They changed the keyboard on this machine, the strange thing is that I tried another board on the same base and it works.

Could it be a BIOS issue?


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T2 machine, you can't touch BIOS there.

If you are now sure is ALS issue, need to check continuity on its SCL/SDA lines.
Also check R8556/58.

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those lines have continuity from end to end.

both from the resistors to the J8500 connector and from the resistors to the capacitors.

Values in diode 521 both lines

33 ohms in both

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well this case left me unsolved but I'll be waiting if another one arrives, deliver the equipment like this.

I reflowed the lcd connector on the motherboard, I think maybe one of the pins was not making contact, I would have changed it. But good for next time. Thanks for your help @2informaticos