820-01814-A turn on not charging.

Yoel Ren

hi, this came in with iquid damage at u3200 and u3100 area..
i replaced both u3200 and u3100, now board will turn on, run off battery, but not charging at all port.
i measure that ub300 and ub400 got pp1v1 when plugged in to their corresponding port, but u3100 and u3200 doesnt get any pp1v1 at all.
i wonder maybe thats causing the not charging, any idea ? TIA

Yoel Ren

no, board only turn on with battery.
if without battery, all 4port behave the same. only stuck at 5v 0.26amp..


Staff member
That's the reason battery is not charging.
Need to fix USB-C problems first.

Compare diode mode readings around U3100/200 with UB300/400.
Probably some corroded resistors, or broken trace.
Also check U2890 traces/solders and surrounding resistors.

Yoel Ren

my bad, i use bo3 version instead of c00, replaced both of them, and all 4 can switch to 20v and its charging now, thanks a lot!