820-01958 stuck at 5v and


I have an 820-01958, no liquid damage that is stuck at 5V and 0.16A-0.25 and pulsin to 0.100A.
PPBUS is 12.31V
I have 3.3, 1.8 and 1.1v.
None of the CD3217 is getting hot or looks bad.
And i reqionise this problem when i connect power button and audio board to motherboard, when i plug power cable from psu it keeps restarting, when i remove audio board then it stucks at 5v.
PPBUS_G3H_SPKRL when u6400 on board then it shows 10ohms to ground and when beeping then it shows short, when i removed u6400, seems now everything ok, but board still 5v