820-01987 No Backlight

I have a computer that came in water damaged, powers on with no backlight. Corroded area was around C8560, rest of the board is clean. R8452 was missing w/ no pads & U8472 Hole in it. We jumped R8452 to R8453 & R8450. During the replacement of U8472, R8455 & R8481 may have been blown off. I could only find one resistor. Schematic does not say no stuff for either. Does anyone have a picture of that area of the board or does anyone know if both need to be on the board.


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"We jumped R8452 to R8453 & R8450."
Consult schematic, there is no contact between R8450/53.
Rebuild the traces based on schematic.
All R8450-53 must be present.

U8472 burnt with hole in, T2 could be damaged now.

Replace all damaged components and be sure to get good traces.
i checked the traces from the board and double checked with the schematic. can you help me understand because i checked it and i thought it was connected.

Topside of r8452 is connected to pp5v_g3s which is also connected to r8453
bottom side of r8452 is connected to I2C_BKLT_SCL which is connected to r8450

if you could explain where i went wrong i would appreciate it!


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"We jumped R8452 to R8453 & R8450"
This sounds like you've put all 3 resistors in contact; there is no common point.

If you did it as explained in last post, is OK.
okay, i put back R8455 and R8481 but i still don't have backlight. can you help me rule everything else out before i have to replace t2? the board is booting up and everything else is working exepct backlight. wouldn't this mean t2 is sill good?


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T2 works, but nobody can assure its backlight adjust output is still good; hope it is.

Did you replace all, including U8472?
Post its voltages.
Do you get EDP_BKLT_EN?