820-02020 20v but no boot


No corrosion visible.
Fan full speed when in case with all peripherals attached.

ppbus_aon 12v
pp3v8_aon 1.8v
pp3v3_aon 3.3v
pp5v_aon 5v
pp1v8_aon 1.8v

Presuming your advise might be to do a dfu restore I checked to see if I can get it into DFO mode....
With 2 microswitches wired to board to apply 1.25v to soc_force_dfu and ground pmu_onoff_I I can only get LOCK SYMBOL to appear in AC2 but not DFU


Im able to get the Macbook into DFU mode with the board back in the case.
Unfortunately both revive and restore end up with unknown error 21.

How to go from here?


I tried replacing the SOC ROM from a donor and did see a different failure message.
"Gave up waiting for device to transition from dfu state to dfu state."
But I mostly get error 21.
What does it mean when AC2 presents the image of an open Macbook ? I saw this a few times. Is this a good thing?

Ive never, ever had any success with AC2 after hours of trying. Sick of it.