820-02020 crashes when connecting power


I have this 13" M1 which had liquid damage. The trackpad connector was burned. After replacement of trackpad connector and flex machine boots and trackpad is working.

But when I connect the power supply to the USB-C port to charge the battery the screen turns pink for a while and the machine reboots.

I have tried minimal configuration with only a known good battery, a known good display and a known good USB-C board. The error remains with only these three peripherals connected to the board.

Machine charges fine (as long it is started up with the charger already connected). I can connect external hard drive and external display which both works fine. It only crashes when I connect charger.

I have also tried to restore a fresh installation of Monterey in DFU mode to rule out a software issue.

Link to video of what is going on:

What to do next?


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I had a similar issue in another model MacBook and it turned out to be and audio issue. Every time you connect the charger, it makes that dong sound and that sound was causing the mac to crash. Try playing a Youtube video and see if the sound output causes it to crash also.


Thank you very much Mr. Campbell for pointing me in the right direction. Failure is gone and the thread can be marked as solved. It was one of the amplifying IC’s that caused the issue.