820-2530 turns on but no video or chime anymore


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I just had a post on here a couple days ago with this board not turning on. Here is the link to it

Its been a few days because I had to order another dc-in board for this since my test one doesn't look that great even though it works fine. I put 2 different dc-in boards and put the board in the housing plugged in the battery and everything. When I hit the power button the fans spin but I got no video or chime.

I checked and there was 0v on Pin 1 of U9000 so no screen is detected. I even plugged in another known working screen and that didn't work either.
Here are some measurments I got and things I've tried doing to fix this.
CPU Vcore - 1.15v
C7771 voltage - 1.06v
Resistance to ground on pp3v42_g3h - 5.4kohms (Dead MCP??? What could cause it to die so soon after working - I tried heating MCP then turning on but that didn't work.)
SMC/PRAM reset
Removed Ram sticks and got beeps
USB Mouse lights up
The DC-IN connector didn't look to great on the Adapter_Sense pin. I've tried removing Dc-in board and plugging battery in and turning on with keyboard but that still didn't work.


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I have 1v on MCP vcore so I guess the mcp is the issue. The time when it worked I believe was after it came out of the oven after a cleaning so maybe that's why it turned on.