820-2915 No chime no video


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I have this 820-2915 that powers on but I don't get chime, video or light on USB mouse. No liquid on the board.
CPU Vcore - .738V
GPU Vcore - .903V
Tried another BIOS for testing with no success.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, have a good one.


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if you plug external hard drive with os x installed have you led activty bliking ?,
if not heat gpu 120°C and try


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So board works, has even USB activity.
PRAM reset should work then.
Post some voltages from LCD connector.


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USB activity on the external USB SATA adapter but not on the mouse. I double checked the mouse to be sure it was fine. Weird...
PRAM has not been working. I will try again and post SW_LCD voltages.
Thanks again!