820-2936 with No Webcam


webcam is a USB device, check voltage on pin 6 and diode mode on pins 2 and 3... Also could be a bad L3407 ....
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Pin 6 is strange, it goes up and down between 1.1v and 3.4v

and diode mode on pins

pin 2 -1.75
pin 3 -1.73

and L3407 seems good compare to known good board.
Ok discovered that L3408 was visibly bad and i replaced it, now i get 5v on pin 6 and the green webcam led lights up but there is no image in facetime or photobooth, not even the no camera logo its just black.


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Replace L3407. It can measure fine on a meter but still not be sufficiently well to pass high speed data.