820-3115 - liquid damaged - fan spin, no chime


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board was liquid damaged near the SMC area and ISL area.
before i get no fan spin, no green light.
after a SMC reflowed and replaced the ISL then i get fan spin and a green light and charging light.

CPU does get warm. but no chime. no beeps when i removed the RAM. but i do get 1 beep after approx 20sec later.
USB mouse doesnt light up.

Sleep light stays on solid, doesn't pulse.

smc_lid = 3.4v
ppbus_g3h = 12.55v
ppbus_s5_hs_comp... = 12.55v
pp3v42_g3h = 3.46v
pp3v3_s0 = 3.3
pp1v8_s0 = 1.78v
smc_reset_l = 3.43v
pp3v3_s5_avref_smc = 3.296
ppvcore_s0_cpu = 1.118v
all_sys_pwrgd = 3.306v

U2600's All clock frequency is messed up. pulsing between 11.MHZ to 12k.MHZ

i've already tried another BIOS chip but still no go.

do i have a dead SMC?

ok i've replaced U2600, all frequency is now 25k.Mhz except pin3's frequency is pulsing from 25k.MHZ to 29k.MKZ
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no beeps after i removed the memory. but i do get 1 beep after approx 20sec.

so its brain dead at the moment.
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Board damage in the ISL area under the layers. It also happens when thunderbolt area blows up in that reason. Most likely trash.