820-3115 No image, on USB


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Board doesn't boot if VCORE stays at 1.12V.
I supposed wou already understood that.

Could be a simple bad resistor, until bad CPU.
Re-check all the job did on the board.
Be sure all SPI Bus Series Termination resistors and their traces are good.
Did you note droping voltage at pins 5 & 6 of U6100?


YES, I already intended that Vcore has to stay between 0.85 and 0.9V. No RAM beep when you remove the memories. The pins 5 and 6 of the u6100 stay 0V, with pulse: pin 5 1.46V and 6 1.09V;


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"Replaces u7400 and r7402,03, the CPUIMVP_TONA voltage 0.67V , I found too low."
Not low at all, really.
Be sure you've soldered correct values for R7402/03.
Check other job you did on the board too.