820 3115B Green light sometimes, ON/OFF


SMC_RESET_L should be 3v or more constantly. have you replaced U5010 already?
I have replaced the U5010 no luck still the same problem. Now it is steady on SMC_RESET 3.39V
When I plug the battery + charger, green light only is 3 seconds on, only charger= 7 seconds on.
Could be because of q7085?
I´ve seen that q7055 is fluctuating in pin 4 (chgr_bgate) from 12.52V to 5.01V is that normal?


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this is confusing.

let's start over.

a) what is the resistance over C7050
b) what is the resistance over c7020

the only thing that is going to cause the light to flicker on and off is either bad current sensing circuit, or the fact that you are using a knockoff charger. knockoff chargers turn green light on even when the light SHOULDN'T be on to begin with. so are you using an original or some knockoff charger?


some thing shoring around u7000, thats making green light on and off, not the smc issue... the key is around u7000.... ignore green light ....;).....change all Q..


Well, i had steady green light before but when I checked pp3v42_g3h was 3,47 a little bit high, then I check with 3V on the power supply pp3v3_s0 that it was missing, nothing got burned, then I had steady green light but ppbus_g3h was 4.5V
So now my board is dead no green light no ppbus_g3h and pp3v42_g3h 3,47V
i had to change probably the u7000 isnt it?