820-3332-a - Video problems when on dedicated GPU (high power mode)


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Or are you asking if it happens on the integrated video card vs the dedicated? If thats your question, then the dedicated only, hence why the problem exists on the external monitor as mentioned earlier. Or how the problem goes away when I unplug the computer with automatic video card switching is enabled.
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You've been asked if on internal LCD, the problem appears only with Nvidia GPU, or with Intel graphics too.


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OK, here we go.
Post #1 I showed the issue was on the internal LCD.
Post #7 you asked me if the same problem happened on an external monitor.
Post #10 I tested on an external monitor and said it is present on external monitor
The TITLE of my post - I THOUGHT was VERY CLEAR. "Video Problems when on dedicated GPU (high power mode)" It clearly states that this problem is not happening with the Integrated intel GPU.

Post #3 I said that it only happens when the computer is plugged in and has auto video card switching enabled - and when unplugged there is no more artifact.... I thought that this would be the information for you to deduct that when running on the intel graphics, there was no problem, and when running in High power mode using the Nvidea card, it did have the issue.

Post #18 I confirmed if it had nvidia graphics in it - I havne't seen enough to know if there is a model with an ati or something like that.

Please, can we continue to troubleshoot this issue. Really, any questions about this system I am more than willing to answer. But if you ask me if PPBUS_G3H is present, or if it has a green light - I'll go apeshit. I thought that we could start this fourm from where I left off in my troubleshooting. I had it down to 3 major possibilities when I posted.

U8900 which i though not likely because that causes NO video
NVRAM - never changed them before
GPU - never changed one before

I want other technicians profesional ideas and opinions before I proceed with special ordering parts or brick a mbp that is mostly operational for touching something that had no chance at being the problem.

Please read the full post, descriptions and titles. I know the fourm doesn't cost much a month and many volunteer to help - really Pay to help others, but this is just a bad experience that i have been having

Thanks for reading if you are still here - and really, if you need any more info, please ask before the client comes and gets their computer back because it is taking such a time with no solution yet.


ok, if this happens with an external LCD connected then it is indeed the Nvidia GPU.
First inspect for damaged components around GPU/VRAM. If that seems good then replace VRAM. If that does not help replace GPU.

I usually replace the GPU and VRAM all together just to make sure it will work. But if you have no BGA machine or experience this is probably not going to happen.


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Ill pick up a few VRAM to swap out and look into a BGA machine.

Would you recommend i pick up some old working video cards or such that i would learn my BGA machine and profiles on as well as technique, as i can easily plug them into a pc and see if i fried them or not - as well as being budget?

What price point from your experience would you say i should be looking into for a bga rework machine? Ill dive into the equipment sub form and look around there too as im sure it has been a topic before.