820-3437 not recognizing SSD


Liquid damage
Ultrasonic done
Fan spin
Boots to OS X Catalina from USB attached external hard drive

J3700 pins look pristine

Still does not see internal SSD in disk utility
I am going to try another SSD

Checked caps on PCIe data lines: C3710-C3717

Any ideas?

? U3740?
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Hello. i have the same problem

the ssd is not recognized. there is no damage or traces of liquid. I already tried with a good ssd and they are the same values.
these are the values of u3740.

pin 1: 3.42V
pin 2: 1.42V
pin 3: 2.25V
pin 4: 3.42V
pin 6: 2.16V
pin 7: 0.01V
pin 8: 0V

already check the values in Ohm of R3740, R3741, R3742 and they are ok.

Any ideas?