820-3462 liquid damaged


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Hi guys I have an 820-3462 with some small liquid damage around these components:

Near Q2620

De mac sometimes turned on but most of the time not. After replacing corroded R and clean up corrosion life was looking great. Ultrasoniced the board to get rid of the flux, and now I dont get a light on the charger, bummer. Area around U7000 and DC IN board all looks super clean. I get a fluctuating 16.2 - 16.76 on F6905 and nothing on DC IN at U7000 (pin 2) 15 - 15.52 on pin 1. Parts in the charge circuit all look pretty neat. No short on F6905. PPBUS, PP3V42 atc obviously all 0 as it seems power isnt making its way to U7000. Where to start? Havent fixed many of these yet.


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I bet missing =PP18V5_DCIN_ISOL too.
Check Q6910 area; many times D6910 fails.
In your case could be only corroded traces, or resistors...

Also check for short, or low value at pin2/U7000.
If OK, check R/D7005.


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Looks like D6910 is gone, also missing on my donor board, its like a black little cube right? Ill try what lewis recommended in another post: ->

You can use D7012 from an 820-3437 or 820-00165 in a pinch but you should have donor boards and no do not use a wire!


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Thanks bro:) you saved me my Saturday night! After replacing the missing D6910 from a 3437 working again as a new one. If you ever come to Bangkok I owe you a beer, or 2 :)!