820-3476 audio always on headphone jack


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board was water damaged all over, after ultrasonic bath it looks surprisingly clean, and it works fine, except that the audio is always going to the headphones jack, there it works fine, but never goes to the speaker, except when i turn the laptop on, cause there is chime there trough the speakers

- i replaced the headpones jack, same issue

would it be the audio chip behind it? its a kinda large BGA chip, i dont really want to fool around that


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Hmmm yeah these are pain. I don't remember what disables SPIDF on these. Try to cut off power to the jack and see what happens.


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Check all DZ66xx protection diodes and all smal coils L66xx from audio area.
Pay atention to L6604/08.
Check continuity between both w/ and w/o headphones connected.


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customer accepted it like that, than i just put it back together with all the screws (yesterday the board was just loose in the housing ) and now works fine, speaker and headphone jack too, maybe the board was cracked and it needed the screws to hold it down? anyway, its collected