820-3476 green light, no boot. Weird 5V rail behaviour


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Have an 820-3476 with green light. I think it had liquid damage initially but someone else has already messed with the board so i can't really tell

It has green light. Have started going down the power rail list. everything looks normal and i've stopped at the 5v rails because they are acting strange. Evertime I measure it's a different number. Sometimes it's 0, sometimes it's 2.5 and sometimes it's 5. I don't see it change when i'm holding the probes on it but when i release the probes and put them back on it's a different number again.

The thing I see that has definitely been messed with is

Shall i keep going down the power rail list or am i on the right track?



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Post exact voltage for PPBUS_G3H.
Also post some voltages for U7501, pins 23, 13, 22, 29, 12, 21, 4.
Stable 3V42 power rail?


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PPbus is 12.58v

pin 23 is 12.58
pin 13 is pulsing between 0 and 2v
pin 22 is 3.3v
pin 29 is is sometimes 0, 2.5 and 5
pin 12 pulsing between 0 and 3.3
pin 21 pulsing between 0 and 3.4
pin 4 0v

3v42 is stable at 3.4v


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So SMC_PM_G2_EN is not stable; or SMC detects a problem and pull it down.
Try to start in SMC bypass mode first.
Check if SMC_RESET_L is stable.