820-3476 No light on magsafe, no fan, no response to smc reset


Hi there,

1. R7020 is getting very hot.

2. L7095 short on pin 2.

3. Replaced u7090 because pin 2 was burned

4. Trackpad connector pins 15 and 16 also look slightly fried.

Please advice how to proceed.



Staff member
1) Is PP3V42_G3H present after replacing U7090?

2) If there is a short to ground on pin 2 of L7095, did you remove this short to ground by finding the affected components and removing/replacing them? Inject 3.42v into pin 2 of L7095 and see what heats up.


Hi Louis!

No I did not remove that short because after injecting 3.42V on pin 2 of L7095, U5000 aka SMC started to heat up and my Fujitsu skill is not high enough to attempt an SMC replacement. I need to farm some easy component replacements first ;)

Thanks anyway. Better luck next time.