820-3476 Orange Light No Power


Hello. Got this board here that initially had no light on charger. It had been poked by another store already and had flux around PP3V42_G3H area. I managed to get green/orange light and 12.56V on PPBUS_G3H replacing SMC and U7090. Now I have a full short to GND on PPVRTC_G3H rail. Tried injecting voltage on that rail, nothing gets hot, so I started removing components. I removed C1910, C0890, C0891 and C0892 and U1900, but short remains. I found after inspection that R5310 was burned. I removed it and it has full short to GND on both pins. Injected voltage on PP3V3_S0 rail and PCH gets hot. Dead PCH and RIP board?